June 4, 2020

BMJ selects D2L for new learning environment

Why did you choose D2L? 

“We had been using an in-house built learning platform, but as the scale of our business increased we found it becoming more challenging  to meet our customers’ and learners’ needs. We chose D2L Brightspace because it is mobile responsive, offers real-time analytics, a personalised learning experience and is built with accessibility in mind.”

How does it work? 

“D2L Brightspace is initially being offered to those using our Research to Publication programme, which includes 52 modules that offer step-by-step research advice to academics all over the world. The platform’s dynamic and mobile Daylight interface enables instructors to design courses easily, create content and grade assignments on their phone or tablet. Furthermore, Brightspace’s built-in analytics enables our customers to monitor courses and individuals, helping tailor each learner’s experience.”

What are its best features? 

“The great thing is that we have been able to customise the platform to accommodate our huge volumes of content. It’s also extremely engaging and easy to use. Usability is paramount for us as we want our users to have the best online experience and meet their ongoing learning needs. . Brightspace features, such as its search and find functionality, ePortfolios and detailed analytics, are also key in helping us deliver a much more comprehensive learning platform.”

Who would you recommend it to? 

“We would recommend it to any educator or enterprise that has a diverse and specific set of learner requirements. The platform is able to adapt depending on each individual customer and learner’s needs.”

What’s been the result? 

“We are now able to offer our customers a tailored learning platform based on their learner and branding needs. They now have access to tools that help their academics learn faster and more effectively, plus they have full insight into each learner’s progress and attendance – something we’ve never been able to provide before.”

Where now?

“Whilst we have initially rolled D2L Brightspace out to those using our Research to Publication programme, the plan is to extend to additional programmes in the future.”

For more information please contact Ross Whistler, Project Manager – rwhistler@bmj.com

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