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Developing and reporting good research questions

(2 modules)

Developing a research question for your research project

The introduction: presenting the research question


Making the best start to your research and publishing

(5 modules)

How to write and publish a study protocol: overview

Clinical trial protocols: how to write and publish them

How to write a research protocol for a grant application

Good medical writing

Choosing and citing references


Picking the best study designs and method

(8 modules)

Study design

Studies of medical tests

Studies of medical tests

The methods: matching study designs to research questions

Subjects and variables

Sample size and power


Questionnaires and qualitative research


Ensuring and reporting research ethics

(8 modules)

Ethical considerations in research

History of research ethics

Institutional review board (IRB) and informed consent

Ethics aspects of study methods

Principles of research ethics

Ethics in "big data" research

Research in resource-poor environments


How to write research papers that can be trusted and used

(5 modules)

Reporting statistical methods and analyses

The results: reporting all findings succinctly

Scientific transparency: the pitfalls of selective reporting

The discussion: using structure and balance

Optimising the abstract and title


Special considerations for conducting clinical trials

(12 modules)

Course overview and trial design

Selection of participants


Choosing the intervention and controls



Outcome measures

Assessing safety

Adherence and complete follow-up

Ethical issues in clinical trials

Regulatory issues

How to write up industry-sponsored trials


Submitting research to a journal and achieving publication

(6 modules)

Compliance with journal and ICMJE requirements

Navigating journal and peer review processes

Patients' consent for publication

Surviving peer review

What to do with rejections and appeals

Presubmission inquiries and cover letters


Understanding and avoiding scientific misconduct

(5 modules)

Reporting conflicts of interest

Journal rules on authorship

How and why to avoid plagiarism

How journals uncover scientific fraud

How journals act on scientific misconduct

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