About Research to Publication

The Research to Publication programme is part of The BMJ's commitment to building medical research capabilities around the world. Created in collaboration with the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), the programme launched in early 2016. It is designed to be modular.

Our first two modules, How to Write and Publish a Study Protocol and Introduction to Randomized Blinded Trials, are FREE but other modules require a subscription. It is possible for individuals and/or institutions to purchase whole courses or access to the complete programme. Our affordable prices include unlimited access to course materials and activities, as well as a signed, personalised certificate of completion from The BMJ's Editor in Chief, Fiona Godlee and UCSF's Associate Vice Chancellor of Clinical and Translational Research, Jennifer Grandis.

For further information about the programme and to find out more about institutional subscriptions, please contact the Research to Publication team.

Our Mission

To provide a gold standard online programme of self study courses to enable doctors and healthcare researchers to develop clinical research skills, write the best possible papers, and succeed in getting papers published.

How it works

To provide a gold standard online programme of self study courses to enable doctors and healthcare researchers to develop clinical research skills, write the best possible papers, and succeed in getting papers published.

Learner-led and Learner-paced Courses

Watch short video/audio lectures, take interactive quizzes, complete our targeted development exercises and read our carefully selected resources.

Achieve Your Goals

Finish your course and receive formal recognition with a certificate from The BMJ.

Our Approach

It's simple. We want to help you learn better and faster. That's why we designed our Research to Publication platform. Here are three ideas that shaped our vision:

A focus on relevant, reliable clinical and public health research

There's lots of advice available on scientific research but much less that homes in on the particular issues facing medical researchers - which is what our programme focuses on. If research in medicine, public health or epidemiology is your area, this programme is for you.

The inside track

The programme has been designed through a collaboration between The BMJ and UCSF and draws on their complementary knowledge and expertise. The BMJ's editors deal with thousands of submitted manuscripts every year, from all over the world. They know better than anyone what makes a paper publishable and they are not necessarily looking for perfect research.

Editors want to publish papers from researchers who ask important, clear questions; use the best and most feasible study designs; and then write up their methods and results fully and transparently warts and all. UCSF is one of the world's leading universities and is renowned for its expertise in teaching aspiring investigators how to do medical research. Contributors to the programme include several authors of the textbook Designing Clinical Research, a standard for more than 25 years.


We know that you are busy and different students learn at different speeds. Research to Publication is fully flexible, so you choose the modules and courses that suit you and then complete them at your own pace.

For Institutions

An Investment in Researchers

Focused entirely on medical research, Research to Publication draws on the expertise of The BMJ's research editors and UCSF's best teachers to guide learners through the entire process - from designing a study to seeing it published in an international journal.

Since the programme is online, with self-directed study, users can complete it at their own pace and in any order they choose. There is also flexibility to incorporate additional faculty input, if required.

  • Research to Publication has been designed by the BMJ in collaboration with UCSF.
  • The programme is fully flexible, so users can choose modules and courses and complete them at their own pace.
  • Users receive a certificate from The BMJ and UCSF upon completion.

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