A comprehensive programme that follows the research cycle

Combines the expertise of BMJ and UCSF

BMJ’s editors manage thousands of submitted manuscripts every year from all over the world and UCSF is renowned for its expertise in teaching aspiring investigators how to conduct medical research. Together we have developed Research to Publication to explain exactly what makes a paper publishable, how to ask important clear questions, use the best and most feasible study designs, and write up methods and results fully and transparently.

Focused entirely on health research

There is vast advice available on scientific research but much less that focuses on the particular issues facing health researchers – which is what Research to Publication specialises in. Curriculum guides help learners navigate the programme depending on their needs and level of experience.

Comprehensive in scope

Comprised of 8 courses and 52 highly detailed modules, Research to Publication includes over 200 hours learning. Practical advice is delivered online in a user-friendly format, helping to enhance technical research capabilities, support research integrity and drive high ethical standards.

A flexible programme

Research to Publication is fully flexible, so that modules and courses can be completed at the learners pace. Available in a variety of formats, modules include short video/audio lectures, interactive quizzes, targeted development exercises and carefully selected resources.

A cost-effective way to teach

Research to Publication will supplement your existing research efforts and help researchers overcome the challenges associated with getting published in international journals. Our affordable prices include unlimited access to course materials and activities, as well as a signed, personalised certificate of completion from The BMJ’s Editor in Chief, Fiona Godlee and UCSF’s Associate Vice Chancellor of Clinical and Translational Research, Jennifer Grandis.