Strengthening research output

There is a problem with health research today.

Approximately 85% of health research is wasted, usually because it asks the wrong questions, is badly designed, not published or poorly reported.

Many causes of this waste are simple problems that could easily be fixed, such as appropriate randomisation or blinding of a clinical trial. And then there’s waste in publishing. Editors reject papers because research questions and methods are poor, and papers get retracted because they’re unusable or untrustworthy.

Research to Publication can help.

Research to Publication is an online research methodology and publishing programme specifically designed for doctors and healthcare researchers. It develops research skills and helps researchers to get papers published in high-quality journals.

Combining the expertise of a high impact publisher and a world-class university.

Research to Publication has been developed in collaboration between The BMJ’s senior research editors and senior academics at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Clinical and Translational Science Institute.

Our collaboration with UCSF

A flexible programme.

Modules are organised into 8 courses, covering everything from developing good research questions and the best study designs, through to reporting studies and understanding what editors and peer reviewers are really looking for.

Modules are suitable for anyone conducting research on medicine, healthcare, public health, and epidemiology – or any staff responsible for fostering a culture of research and publication at their institution.

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