The cost-effective way to teach research skills

98% of librarians that participated in our survey agreed:

          “Libraries will need to support the growing need for awareness and training in scholarly communications.”
          “Libraries will need to continue to proactively develop and scale their research services.” *

Let Research to Publication supplement your existing efforts to teach solid research and writing skills.

Despite your best efforts to ensure faculty members and students embrace the importance of learning the necessary areas of research ethics, study design, developing the right questions, systematic reviews, and clinical trials there never seems to be enough time.**

These skills take time to learn, master, and practice and constantly compete with existing priorities. Theoretical topics covered by editors at BMJ and video lectures developed by professors at UCSF can be hyperlinked to course syllabi or be indexed as standalone courses through your library portal.

The self-paced online course can help your library:

    • Support librarian-led workshops with supplemental researching, tests, quizzes, and exercises
    • Strengthen and track research output
    • Supplement existing curriculum
    • Grant all users a significant discount on Article Processing Charges for articles accepted in BMJ Gold open access portfolio.
    • Offer remote learning opportunities
    • And further support the entire research life cycle through to publication.

Learn more about the Benefits for Institutions

Watch this video to learn more about our collaboration with UCSF to help reduce heath research waste.

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Reach out to Denise to learn how Research to Publication is being used by institutions across the globe as a means of addressing the challenges associated with developing well-rounded research professionals and increasing the volume of published articles at their institution.
  • Denise De La Rosa,, (781)499-6922
Source: BMJ. Supporting Scholarly Communications Survey. 2019 ACRL attendees.
**Matt Reed, “Workshops Don’t Work,” Confessions of a Community College Dean (blog, June 17, 2013), available online at [accessed 2 February 2018].






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