Publish your work

Follow these steps for a significant saving on APC’s across all of our BMJ journals:

  1. Log into and complete a minimum of 5 modules
  2. Submit your article to one of BMJ’s journals. Once your article has been accepted in one of our journals complete the steps outlined below.
  3. Locate the home country of the primary author on this list: RtoP APC Discount Tiers 2022 – Country Groups and Discounts.  Copy the Group title and discount for that country.
  4. Email the following details to :
  • Name -Email address (the one used for your Research to Publication account)
  • Scholar 1 ID (can be found in an email acknowledgment you received upon submission)
  • The group title and discount associated with the primary author’s home country
  • If you have used our Language Polishing Service, please include your “Job Code” to receive an extra 5% discount

5. You will receive a discount code once your email has been reviewed.  Apply this discount code to your RightsLink offer email using the ‘apply discounts’ button.