May 27, 2024

BMJ Author Service: New language editing and translation service in partnership with Editage

English may be the leading language in which medical research is published, but a lack of English language proficiency must never be a barrier to publication of well-conducted research. The best science must always be able to reach the global audience it deserves, whatever the mother tongue of the researchers who made the discovery.

That is why BMJ, one of the world’s most prestigious medical publishers, has chosen to partner with Editage to offer language editing and translation services to medical researchers who seek to publish in leading journals.

BMJ and Editage share a commitment to enabling all authors to clearly communicate their research globally. Ensuring that a manuscript is really well-written makes editors and peer reviewers lives easier, and speeds up the publication process. By providing high quality and affordable language editing and translation services, we believe we are helping to level the playing field for researchers from emerging research markets. Knowing that your manuscript has been edited by a native speaker with medical research experience of their own, can give a submitting author the confidence to submit to the most prestigious journals.

Find out more about the service here and consider whether it is right for you.